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Mars Missions — Doomed to Failure?


Atlanta’s Governor, Sonny Perdue, found himself under attack by scientists for his statements that he wanted a more balanced approach to teaching evolution in school. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported this week, the proposed biology curriculum will allow teachers to present other scientific theories about evolution and specifically mentions “intelligent design.”

This, however, was not to the liking of scientists that are held captive by their blind faith in evolution. The Governor was accused of “an ignorance of science,” allegedly mimicking “the arguments used by people who rebut evolution.”

His response to those wild accusations was straight-forward: “What concerns me is that many times you’ll have teachers in the classroom with impressionable students who go beyond that and teach [evolution] as a proven fact, and then go beyond that and ridicule students who would believe anything other than the theory of evolution,” Perdue said. “I think we need to have academic freedom, but we need academic balance as well.”

The article also reported about the reaction of parents:

“Many parents say they find it frustrating that public schools have ignored the challenges to evolution put forward by legitimate scientists… ‘The debate is really about the lack of supporting evidence for evolution, the censorship of dissenting scientists, religious intolerance, viewpoint discrimination, and the interjection of personal bias by science educators when instructing our children on the subject,’ Taylor [a parent] wrote.”
What is astonishing is that many scientists still claim to believe in the evolution theory, although it has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO BE WRONG! While ignoring this established fact, evolution-believing scientists become quite arrogant and aggressive when someone attempts to challenge what is tantamount to their blind faith. However, their opposition to such challenges is quite unscientific! As one journalist in Germany once stated, “The belief in evolution is the most unintelligent concept ever developed by the human mind to explain the world’s existence.”

If you want to learn more about the astonishing FACT that the evolution theory, as taught by Darwin and others, has been PROVEN WRONG by many respectable scientists, please read our free booklet, “Evolution — a Fairy Tale for Adults.”


Bild Am Sonntag published an article, dated January 11, 2004, titled, “Mars — Mission Impossible?” It pointed out that most flights to Mars with unmanned spacecrafts were unsuccessful, asking the logical question how flights with manned spacecrafts could possibly become successful. It stated: “Since 1960, 29 costly expeditions to Mars occurred, and 22 of these were failures.” It then reported about the astronomical costs for these questionable endeavors: “During the last year, Germany alone spent 865 million euros for space adventures… The race between Americans and Europeans has begun. However, the costs for this race have not even been determined… We do know that Germany has set aside 900 million euros for the project for the next five years.”

In a chart, the paper gave the following costs for recent unsuccessful Mars projects: “Mariner 8 exploded. Production Costs: 300 million dollars. — Mars Observer exploded. Damage: 1 billion dollars. — Mariner 3 became silent. Production Costs: 100 million dollars. — Climate-Orbiter ceased glowing. Damage: 350 million dollars. — Nozomi broke away. Damage: 300 million dollars. — Polar-Lander smashed. Damage: 350 million dollars. — Beagle 2 missing. Damage: 300 million dollars. — Spirit does not move. Production Costs: 820 million dollars.”

The article revealed too WHY man wants to travel to Mars. A scientist is quoted as saying: “Only there, we can get information regarding the origin of our solar system and the evolution of our planets.” Mars is supposed to tell us how earth came into existence.

If man were to accept God’s revelation in the Bible, as to how the solar systems and earth came into existence, all these costly travels to Mars could and would cease immediately.

In light of such insane spending, one can only wish that Christ will return soon to save man from his unbalanced and arrogant endeavors. While rejecting Godly revelation, man is again in the process, as he did in ancient Babylon, to build an imaginary tower to reach heaven and to replace God’s truth with “scientific” fairy tales regarding the origin of life. As God intervened in ancient times to prevent man from continuing with carrying out the idle imaginations of his own heart, God will do so again soon.


When we compare the teachings of “orthodox Christianity” with the doctrines of the Holy Bible, we discover obvious discrepancies. One such deviation from the truth of God, as revealed in Scripture, is man’s false teaching that a Christian is pleasing God when he fights in war. WorldNetDaily published on January 31, 2004, an incredible commentary by Jerry Falwell, endorsing the unbelievable concept that God is “pro-war.” Falwell wrote:

“With the Bible clear on our responsibility to live peaceably, it seems that there would be no reason to ever go to war. However, if one depends on the Bible as a guidepost for living, it is readily apparent that war is sometimes a necessary option…. President Bush declared war in Iraq to defend innocent people. This is a worthy pursuit. In fact, Proverbs 21:15 tells us: “It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.”… One of the primary purposes of the church is to stop the spread of evil, even at the cost of human lives. If we do not stop the spread of evil, many innocent lives will be lost and the kingdom of God suffers.”

This erroneous and unbiblical thinking is identical with that endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church in times past, when justifying the crusades. In fact, it summarizes the very same thinking that has been used by virtually EVERY leader — civic or religious — to justify his particular war. It shows a terrible ignorance of the teachings of God Almighty. Please read our Q&A in Update #117, explaining from the Bible that God HATES war, and that a true Christian must NEVER participate in ANY of the wars of this world.

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