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Putin Is Back… Now What?

The New York Times wrote on March 5:

“A day after claiming an overwhelming victory in Russia’s presidential election, Vladimir V. Putin on Monday faced a range of challenges to his legitimacy, including charges of fraud from international observers and a defiant opposition that vowed to keep him from serving his full six-year term.  While Mr. Putin was still celebrating his win, he received a slap in the face from observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe… the observers said Mr. Putin had faced no real competition and unfairly benefited from lavish government spending on his behalf.

“Mr. Putin received milder responses from the European Union and from the United States, which called for an ‘independent, credible’ investigation of fraud allegations but said it was ready to work with him in his new role…

“In Washington, the reaction to the election was strikingly muted, even restrained. The White House did not comment, and the State Department put out a written statement congratulating the Russian people and saying the United States ‘looks forward to working with the president-elect after the results are certified and he is sworn in….’”

And so, repression will continue in Russia, while the leaders of the big world powers are quick to congratulate Putin and, hypocritically, the “Russian people.” But things will change. In this regard, you may want to view our StandingWatch program on the topic of Russia, which was posted on YouTube about 1 year ago, and which received so far in excess of 64,000 views. It is titled, “When Will Russia Attack Israel?”

Don’t Trust Putin… But Does Anyone Really Care?

Der Spiegel Online wrote on March 6:

“Following Vladimir Putin’s election victory amid accusations of ballot-box manipulation, Russia’s opposition took to the streets on Monday evening. With hundreds of arrests reported and protesters accusing Putin of a crackdown, German commentators say that Putin needs to watch his step…

“The center-right daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes: ‘Putin masquerades as the sole politician powerful enough to bring about the shift to democracy that only he allegedly desires. That Putin actually wants to allow more democracy is questionable because too much… indicates that he’s not particularly serious…

“Another matter is whether Putin’s unending accusations that America wants to destabilize Russia will disrupt the relationship between the two countries in the long run… This would affect Europe too…’

“Conservative daily Die Welt writes: ‘… Stability has turned into despotism…’

“The left-leaning daily Die Tageszeitung writes:

“‘Should leading representatives of the German business community rejoice over Putin’s… reelection? They don’t even know the answer to that question themselves… The fact that, after coming to power in 2000, Russia developed into an autocratic system in which human rights violations are part of everyday life, the opposition is pressured and even deactivated, and in which rule of law has no application, is only of marginal interest to German businessmen and women. What they care about most is that the [rubles] and euros continue to flow…’”

Economic advantages seem to be more important than the liberty and freedom of a repressed people. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is no exception when he made shameful comments in support of “his old pal” Vladimir Putin.

The Local reported on March 7 that Schroeder “defended… Putin against accusations of election fraud, standing by his notorious description of his former ally as a ‘democrat through and through.’… The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which sent observers to the Russian presidential election on Sunday, has accused the Kremlin of systematic election fraud… Activists have also alleged there was evidence of widespread ballot box stuffing and other forms of election manipulation, but Schröder remained unimpressed…”

Of course, as the Local continues to explain, Schroeder’s disgraceful defense of former KGB spy Vladimir Putin might be strongly motivated by his financial interests: 

“After he left office in 2005, Schröder became board chairman at German-Russian operating company Nord Stream, which operates a natural gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. Gazprom, a Russian company in which the Russian government holds a controlling stake, is Nord Stream’s majority shareholder.”

Syria’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists wrote on March 1:

“As possible military action against Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program looms large in the public arena, far more international concern should be directed toward Syria and its weapons of mass destruction…

“…Syria likely has one of the largest and most sophisticated chemical weapon programs in the world. Moreover, Syria may also possess an offensive biological weapons capability… Syrian insurgents… are increasingly sectarian and radicalized; indeed, many observers fear the uprising is being ‘hijacked’ by jihadists…

“Syria has a chemical arsenal that includes several hundred tons of blistering agents along with likely large stockpiles of deadly nerve agents, including VX, the most toxic of all chemical weapons. At least four large chemical weapon production facilities exist. Additionally, Syria likely stores its deadly chemical weapons at dozens of facilities throughout the fractious country… Syrian chemical agents are weaponized and deliverable…

“Global Security Newswire recently asserted that ‘[t]he Assad regime is thought to possess between 100 and 200 Scud missiles carrying warheads loaded with sarin nerve agent. The government is also believed to have several hundred tons of sarin agent and mustard gas stockpiled that could be used in air-dropped bombs and artillery shells…’

“Should centralized authority crumble in Syria, it seems highly unlikely that the country’s 50 chemical storage and manufacturing facilities — and, possibly, biological weapon repositories — can be secured. The US Defense Department recently estimated that it would take more than 75,000 US military personnel to guard Syria’s chemical weapons. This is, of course, if they could arrive before any WMD were transferred or looted — a highly unlikely prospect…  it is plausible that stolen chemical or biological weapons could find their way across the Syrian border into Iraq. Similarly, Syrian WMD could be smuggled into southern Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank, Israel, and, potentially, the United States and Europe.

“At least six formal terrorist organizations have long maintained personnel within Syria. Three of these groups — Hamas, Hizbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad — have already attempted to acquire or use chemical or biological agents, or both. Perhaps more troubling, Al Qaeda-affiliated fighters from Iraq have streamed into Syria, acting, in part, on orders from Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri…

“The situation in Syria is unprecedented. Never before has a WMD-armed country fallen into civil war. All states in the region stand poised to lose if these weapons find their way outside of Syria. The best possible outcome, in terms of controlling Syria’s enormous WMD arsenal, would be for Assad to maintain power, but such an outcome seems increasingly implausible. And there is painfully little evidence that democratic forces are likely to take over in Syria. Even if they do eventually triumph, it will take months or years to consolidate control over the entire country…”

Syria is heading for disaster. The Bible prophesies the ultimate destruction of Syria. Please read our Q&A on the issue, where we stated: “… it is certain that Syria will fall in the next world war. Damascus will be destroyed, and the Syrian people will go into captivity.” The next article on McCain’s call for an American attack on Syria is quite interesting in the context.

McCain Calls for Airstrike on Syria

The Associated Press reported on March 6:

“A leading Republican senator [McCain] on Monday urged the United States to launch airstrikes against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime to force him out of power – a call for dramatic military intervention against the growing violence that was not supported by the Obama administration or its European or Arab partners… McCain’s proposal will likely divide American lawmakers…

“‘I hope that Russia now, after the elections and with a clear view, will see that it stands on the wrong side of history,’ said German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle. ‘The people in Syria who are standing up for democracy and their freedom need solidarity from the international community.’”

Iran Becomes Even More Radical

The Boston Globe wrote on March 4:

“Conservative rivals of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appeared on course yesterday to gain firm control of Parliament after elections that could embolden Iran’s nuclear defiance and give the ruling clerics a clear path to ensure that a loyalist succeeds Ahmadinejad next year… Reformists were virtually absent from the ballot, showing the crushing force of crackdowns on the opposition.

“Instead, Friday’s elections became a referendum on Ahmadinejad’s political stature after he tried to challenge the near-total authority of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to decide critical government policies such as intelligence and foreign affairs. The apparent setbacks for Ahmadinejad’s backers… could… give hard-liners an even stronger voice in Iran’s showdowns over its nuclear program.”

… which means, clearly, that Iran’s fanatical leadership will NOT give up their controversial nuclear program.

“Israel Can’t Wait Much Longer”

The Jerusalem Post wrote on March 6:

“Netanyahu tells [the] AIPAC [convention in Washington] Israel has waited for sanctions and diplomacy to stop Iran’s nuclear program, but they have not worked. [He] warns Israel cannot wait much longer… vowing to never let Israel live under the shadow of annihilation or gamble with its security.”

The Washington Free Beacon wrote on March 5:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Obama that Israel would decide for itself whether to strike Iran. ‘My supreme responsibility as prime minister of Israel is to ensure that Israel remains the master of its fate,’ Netanyahu told Obama.”

The Algemeiner reported on March 5:

“Channel 2 in Israel, sourcing a ‘senior American official’, says that the decision has already been made by the Israeli government to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

It appears more and more certain that a war will be launched against Iran—with terrible consequences for all involved.

Inconclusive Meeting between Obama and Netanyahu

The Los Angeles Times wrote on March 5:

“After their meeting, President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continue to disagree on what should trigger military action against Iran… Israeli officials say military action is justified if Iran is seen to approach the capability to build a bomb, or if Tehran moves enough of its uranium enrichment program underground to make it less vulnerable to bombing.

“The Obama administration says it does not believe military force is necessary unless Iran is building a nuclear bomb. The administration believes Iran would need about a year to develop and build its first nuclear weapon should it decide to do so…

“A senior White House official said that during the meeting Monday, Netanyahu gave Obama a copy of the biblical Book of Esther, which tells the story… of the foiling of a plot to kill all the Jews in the ancient Persian empire. The official would not say what Netanyahu told Obama about the gift, but did not deny reports in the Israeli media that the prime minister said, ‘Then, too, they wanted to wipe us out.’”

The disagreements between Israel and the USA are continuing. The Bible says that ultimately, the alliance between the USA and the state of Israel will crumble. The next article seems to confirm this prophecy.

“It’s Just a Matter of Time Before U.S. Tires of Israel”

On March 4, Haaretz published the following commentary by Gideon Levy. According to Haaretz, “Levy is a Haaretz columnist and a member of the newspaper’s editorial board. Levy was the recipient of the Euro-Med Journalist Prize for 2008; the Leipzig Freedom Prize in 2001; the Israeli Journalists’ Union Prize in 1997; and The Association of Human Rights in Israel Award for 1996.”

The article stated the following:

“A new chapter is being written in the history of nations. Never before has a small country dictated to a superpower; never before has the chirp of the cricket sounded like a roar; never has the elephant resembled the ant – and vice versa. No Roman province dared tell Julius Caesar what to do, no tribe ever dreamed of forcing Genghis Khan to act in accordance with its own tribal interests. Only Israel does this…

“It isn’t that Iran is only an Israeli problem, but North Korea could endanger Japan just as much as Iran endangers Israel – and the world has not come running to Japan’s side… Israel features in the American presidential campaign as no other foreign country does… If last week a British member of the House of Lords was forced to resign from Parliament after daring to criticize Israel, in the United States she would never have even considered making her views known…

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also taught the world that it’s possible to tell the American president ‘No,’ bluntly and explicitly, and not only remain alive but even to gain in strength. This would appear to be a good thing, a reason to marvel at the prime minister. A cat may look at a king, but it doesn’t always end well. One day, perhaps, even in brainwashed America the questions may begin: another war? Is it right to put more American soldiers in harm’s way for an interest that is more Israeli than it is American?…

“For now, Obama may be unable to prohibit Israel from a military adventure in Iran… But one day the rope could snap and the whole thing could blow up in the face of power-drunk Israel: Israel doesn’t know when to stop, and it could pay dearly as a result.”

Iran Plays with UN

On March 6, 2012, Der Spiegel Online reported:

“European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton announced that the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council — the US, China, Russia, France and Great Britain — plus Germany had agreed to restart talks with Iran. Ashton said she had responded positively to a letter from Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili in which he had offered new talks.”

And so, Iran continues to play the delay game in an effort to buy more time. Nobody should expect that Iran will truly and honestly cooperate with the UN. And so, gullible Western countries are again being taken for a ride—perhaps willingly, and perhaps even with the tacit approval, if not instigation, of Russia and China.

Notice, too, the report of the Washington Post, dated March 8:

“The United States and five other world powers pressed Iran on Thursday to grant U.N. inspectors access to alleged nuclear research sites inside the country, amid reports that Iranian officials are moving to clean up a key military installation outside Tehran… Iranian officials on Tuesday said IAEA inspectors would be allowed to visit the site, but later amended their statement to say that no visit would be permitted until all outstanding disputes between Iran and the U.N. agency had been resolved…”

Plans for Political and Military Europe reported on March 3:

“Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s president, has made an impassioned plea for greater European political and social integration, setting out a list of European Union priorities that he would promote if he is re-elected. Sarkozy… said he believed that only closer co-operation in the areas of defence, taxation and immigration could ‘keep up the momentum’ of closer European unity… He said that he wanted to ban companies from Asia from winning contracts to run public services in EU member states because European companies were prohibited from entering Asian markets…

“He wants strengthened ‘anti-dumping’ measures, where non-EU countries flood the European market with cheap goods. He singled out the steel market as a particular problem… [He] said… that it was the duty of Europe first and foremost to sort out problems in Syria and Libya because the Mediterranean was the ‘core of European civilisation’. There was a need for… a strong European defence policy…”

The Bible prophesies the strong political and military unification of Europe—under German leadership, as the next article confirms as well. AND, as suggested by Sarkozy, Europe WILL intervene militarily in Middle Eastern countries to bring “peace” to the region.

EU Agrees With Germany’s Vision

The EUObserver wrote on March 2:

“Germany’s vision of an EU of fiscally prudent states held in check by tight budgetary laws and the threat of legal action came a step closer on Friday (2 March) when 25 leaders signed a new treaty on fiscal discipline…  all countries except the UK and the Czech Republic became signatories to the 16-article pact… ‘Its effects will be deep and long-lasting,’ said EU council president Herman Van Rompuy ahead of the signing, adding that it will help prevent a ‘repetition of the debt crisis.’

“In line with Berlin’s wishes, the text includes an article obliging those that ratify it to enshrine a balanced budget into national law, while a country breaching the budget deficit rules will be subject to intense surveillance, with curbed discretionary spending powers, and obliged to carry out an agreed list of structural reforms…

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the treaty represented a ‘strong signal’ on how the EU is dealing with the eurozone crisis and spoke of a ‘politically unified Europe’ of the future… The treaty will go into force once 12 of the 17 euro countries have ratified it, and only those that have done so will have access to the eurozone’s permanent bail-out fund, the ESM – a provision pushed by Berlin.”

Germany—a Model Democracy?

Der Spiegel Online wrote on March 6:

“After World War II, West Germany rapidly made the transition from murderous dictatorship to model democracy. Or did it? New documents reveal just how many officials from the Nazi regime found new jobs in Bonn. A surprising number were chosen for senior government positions… Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger, a member of the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) who governed Germany from 1966 to 1969, had been a member of the Nazi Party ever since Adolf Hitler seized power… German President Walter Scheel, a member of the business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP) who was in office from 1974 to 1979, had been a Nazi Party member from 1941 or 1942…

“The self-righteousness of the German postwar judiciary stands in sharp contrast to the calamity that the profession inflicted on Germany. Indeed, its crimes are at the very top of the list of disgraceful deeds. Between 1933 and 1945, German judges, both civilian and military, handed down an estimated 50,000 death sentences, most of which were carried out… Roughly 80 percent of the judges and prosecutors who had served Hitler’s regime of terror until May 8 were soon dispensing justice once again — but this time in the young Federal Republic…

“Between 1939 and 1945, wartime judges sentenced an estimated 30,000 soldiers to death, often for minor offences and, as some said, ‘as a deterrent.’ Up to 90 percent of these sentences were carried out by firing squads or executioners. Despite their horrific pasts, the expertise of these judges was soon in demand at the Federal Ministry of Justice.

“…the Allies were unable to thoroughly cleanse Nazi-contaminated Germany. The plan to ‘de-Nazify’ the conquered country… failed…In the end the Americans… abandoned their ambitious cleansing plan. The Germans — all Germans — were needed as the Cold War intensified…”

This sad story exemplifies what is normally happening after a won war: The conquering and defeated powers will arrange themselves, especially in the light of a new perceived common enemy. And so, the powers of this world which will fight each other in the future will combine forces in their attempt to defeat a new common enemy—the returning Jesus Christ.

US and Europe Dominate Arms-Producing Companies

The New York Times wrote on March 5:

“Many E.U. countries had been exporting weapons to dictatorships and authoritarian regimes… European companies and governments are seeking markets for their weapons outside Europe more eagerly than ever… the Middle East region and further afield in Central Asia will remain a lucrative market for European arms companies…

“The United States and Europe continue to dominate the arms-producing and military-services companies. Forty-four U.S. companies accounted for more than 60 percent of all arms sales… 30 European companies… account for 29 percent of total sales… The majority are French, German and British companies.”

This is a shameful report regarding countries which pretend that they stand up for peace and liberty. But as the Bible says, “And the way of peace they have not known” (Romans 3:17). Note the next article as well.

More than 300 Banks and Other Institutions Finance Nuclear Weapons

The Los Angeles Times wrote on March 7:

“More than 300 banks, insurance companies and other institutions are helping to finance nuclear weapons around the world… The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is pushing the banks and other financial institutions to stop financing companies that design, manufacture or maintain nuclear weapons, their parts or the missiles, submarines or bombers to deliver them. More than half of the companies singled out by the group are based in the United States… ‘Banks and other financial institutions should be called upon to do the right thing … by divesting from the immoral nuclear arms industry,’ retired Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu wrote…”

Super Tuesday Not That Super…

USA Today wrote on March 7:

“Mitt Romney’s prize of 212 delegates out of the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses still leaves him less than halfway to the 1,144 delegates he needs to lock up the GOP presidential nomination… Romney has won 56% of the delegates awarded so far, and needs to garner 47% of the remaining delegates to reach the magic number… His challengers have a higher bar: Rick Santorum would need 63% of the remaining delegates. Newt Gingrich needs 67%. And Ron Paul needs 71%… Super Tuesday’s results may only prolong the nomination battle into June or beyond…”

Der Spiegel Online wrote on March 7:

“Mitt Romney was supposed to waltz to the Republican nomination this year. That script, though, has long since been discarded with arch-conservative challenger Rick Santorum refusing to go away. Indeed, the underdog has become a dangerous opponent — and that isn’t necessarily good news for the Republicans…

“Santorum and Gingrich are staging a David and Goliath campaign battle, pitting themselves, both financially weak candidates, against the wealthy Romney. Gingrich, who on Tuesday evening managed only a victory in Georgia, will no longer pose much of a threat to Romney. But Santorum, with his three victories and a near-win in Ohio, has become a real risk. The already dirty campaign will only get more bruising in the coming weeks. There’s no end in sight either… A stalemate looms and the final decision could ultimately be made behind closed doors at the party convention in late summer. It is a horrific scenario for the Republicans… the longer the… battle lasts, the smaller the chance that the Republicans will land in the White House in November 2012…

“Among independent voters, who could be critical this autumn, Romney is favored by a meager 32 percent, with 48 percent of independents viewing him unfavorably. Santorum is viewed favorably by only 30 percent, with Gingrich at a mere 21 percent. At 38 percent, Ron Paul is the most popular among these swing voters. Following weeks of debate over contraception and abortion, all the candidates have seen their support slide among female voters. When pitted directly against Obama in a poll of women by The Wall Street Journal published this week, Romney only scored the support 37 percent of females, compared to 55 percent for Obama.

“To make matters worse for Romney, a CNN reporter managed to catch Tea Party icon Sarah Palin…the reporter asked whether, in the event of brokered convention, Palin would present herself as a compromise candidate. ‘Anything’s possible,’ she replied…”

Rush Limbaugh at His Worst…

The Washington Post wrote on March 2:

“Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh’s description of a Georgetown Law school student… as a ‘slut’ and a ‘prostitute’ for her position on employer-funded birth control has Republican strategists concerned that their party and its candidates will experience political blowback — particularly among independent women…

“Republican politicians are doing the [most] to distance themselves from Limbaugh. House Speaker John Boehner called Limbaugh’s comments ‘inappropriate’.  Carly Fiorina, a 2010 candidate for Senate in California and now the vice chairwoman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, described Limbaugh’s remark as ‘insulting’. Of Limbaugh, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum said: ‘He’s being absurd…’

“While Limbaugh has no formal capacity within the GOP, he is clearly one of the most prominent spokespeople for conservatism in the country… Any erosion among women is dangerous for Republicans as they look to take back the White House and Senate — and hold onto the House — in November…”

Due to pressure, public outcry and loss of sponsors, Rush Limbaugh decided to apologize for his inappropriate and offensive comments. On March 3, he posted the following on his website:

“For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week. In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. I did not mean a personal attack… I think it is absolutely absurd that during these very serious political times, we are discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of Congress… My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize… for the insulting word choices.”

Of course, the debate involving the use of contraceptives involves much more than “personal sexual recreational activities.” Maybe, Mr. Limbaugh should consider apologizing for his apology? In addition, Rush Limbaugh is well known for making controversial and offensive, sometimes insulting statements, and subsequent “apologies.” But talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh- and many others on the right or on the left–do not help to solve this county’s many problems. Note the next article:

CNN wrote on March 5:

“Once again, Rush Limbaugh — the conservative provocateur with the self-described ‘talent on loan from God’ — is in hot water… His remarks set off a major outcry, prompting top Republicans and Democrats alike to denounce the famed talk show host. Limbaugh apologized Saturday… The damage, however, has been done. Eight companies, including AOL, Quicken Loans and ProFlowers, have announced they will pull ads from Limbaugh’s show, the No. 1 radio show in America. What effect this will have on Limbaugh — and the 600-plus radio stations his show airs on — is anyone’s guess.

“The [recent] controversy is far from the first time Rush Hudson Limbaugh III has made controversial statements — or backtracked. In 2006, Limbaugh mocked Parkinson’s-afflicted actor Michael J. Fox after Fox appeared in a political commercial for Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill. He later offered a conditional apology…Three years earlier, Limbaugh resigned from ESPN’s ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’ after igniting a controversy with statements about African-American quarterback Donovan McNabb… Limbaugh has also mocked presidential children Amy Carter (‘the most unattractive presidential daughter in the history of the country’) and Chelsea Clinton (comparing her to a dog). Both times, he apologized, though some critics questioned the spirit of his regret.”

One word summarizes all of this: Tasteless.

Asteroid on Collision Course with Earth wrote on March 3:

“NASA’s data shows [a] 60-meter asteroid… will whistle by Earth in 11 months. Its trajectory will bring it within a hair’s breadth of our planet, raising fears of a possible collision. The asteroid, known as DA14, will pass by our planet in February 2013 at a distance of under 27,000 km (16,700 miles). This is closer than the geosynchronous orbit of some satellites.

“‘There is a possibility the asteroid will collide with Earth, but further calculation is required to estimate the potential threat and work out how to avert possible disaster,’ NASA expert Dr. David Dunham told students at Moscow’s University of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM). In the event of a collision, scientists have calculated that the energy released would equate to the destructive power of a thermo-nuclear bomb…

“The asteroid has proven a bitter discovery. It has been circling in orbit for three years already, crossing Earth’s path several times… It seems that spotting danger from outer space is still the area where mere chance reigns, while asteroid defense systems exist only in drafts. ‘The asteroid may split into pieces entering the atmosphere. In this case, most part of it will never reach the planet’s surface,’ remarks Dunham. But if the entire asteroid is to crash into the planet, the impact will be as hard as in the Tunguska blast, which in 1908 knocked down trees over a total area of 2,150 sq km (830 sq miles) in Siberia. This is almost the size of Luxembourg…”

This is not mere science fiction. The Bible warns that such crashes with asteroids and meteorites will occur. Please read our free booklet, “The Theory of Evolution—a Fairy Tale for Adults?” See also the next article.

Solar Storms Ramp Up

The Washington Post wrote on March 7, 2012:

“Since Sunday, the sun has launched a barrage of flares, particle radiation and blobs of plasma that have disrupted some radio communications and forced airlines to reroute northern flights… The stormy space weather started with a potent sunspot that unleashed X-class solar flares — the strongest variety — on Sunday and again Tuesday evening…

“After a years-long quiet period, solar activity is ramping up and is expected to peak in May 2013…”

BBC News added on March 8:

“… this episode of solar activity is a preview of what is to come in the broader, 11-year solar cycle. Dr Craig Underwood, from the Surrey Space Centre, UK, said: ‘The event is the largest for several years, but it is not in the most severe class. We may expect more storms of this kind and perhaps much more severe ones in the next year or so as we approach solar maximum. Such events act as a wake-up call as to how our modern western lifestyles are utterly dependent on space technology and national power grid infrastructure.’

“… the strongest storms can have… significant effects. In 1972, a geomagnetic storm provoked by a solar flare knocked out long-distance telephone communication across the US state of Illinois. And in 1989, another disturbance plunged six million people into darkness across the Canadian province of Quebec.”

Killing Babies… Where Does It Stop?

The Daily Mail wrote on March 1:

“Doctors should have the right to kill newborn babies because they are disabled, too expensive or simply unwanted by their mothers… [Two doctors argue] a young baby is not a real person and so killing it in the first days after birth is little different to aborting it in the womb. Even a healthy baby could have its life snuffed out if the mother decides she can’t afford to look after it, the article published by the British Medical Journal group states. The journal’s editor has defended the piece, saying the publication’s role is to present well-reasoned arguments, rather than promote one particular moral view.

“[The doctors] argue that ‘after-birth abortion’ should be permissible in all cases in which abortion is. They state that like an unborn child, a newborn has yet to develop hopes, goals and dreams and so, while clearly human, is not a person – someone with a moral right to life… The article, After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? first addresses scenarios in which parents are unaware their child is disabled until after it is born… The ethicists are also in favour of the infanticide of a healthy baby when the woman’s circumstances have changed and she no longer has the time, money or energy to care for it…

“… the journal’s editor said that the article’s argument has been made before by eminent figures. He added: ‘I’m not defending practising infanticide. I’m defending academic and intellectual freedom.’”

But academic and intellectual “freedom” did many times lay the groundwork for horrible and despicable crimes, such as mass murders of Jews and other “undesired” people in the Third Reich. Sadly, there is nothing new under the sun. When one allows the killing of the unborn child, why not the killing of a born child? Where does it stop? Our societies have rejected godly injunctions and replaced them with their intellectual foolish concepts.  In an accompanying article, the Daily Mail wrote:

“In Roman culture, disabled infants were often abandoned after birth by parents who did not want or could not afford the financial burden. The child would simply be left outside to die from starvation and the elements in a practice known as ‘exposure’. It was an established and acceptable procedure… Archaeologists believe Romans did not consider infants to be ‘full’ human beings until about the age of two, and babies who died before that age were not buried in cemeteries, but instead in public or domestic areas…

“Many parents in ancient [Greece]  would also expose their newborns because of sickness, financial pressure, or simply for being the ‘wrong’ sex in the male-dominated society… there are references to infanticide in many cultures in every historical era, and is believed to still take place in certain parts of India, Africa, and China. China’s controversial ‘one-child’ policy leads to many children being abandoned after birth.”

Kirk Cameron Attacked for His Biblical View on Marriage

WorldNetDaily reported on March 6, 2012:

“Christian actor Kirk Cameron was a guest on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ over the weekend to discuss ‘Monumental,’ his new project on the roots of America coming to theaters later this month, when the British host of the program suddenly turned subject and asked Cameron his views on homosexual marriage.

“Cameron’s calm answer explaining his view that marriage ‘was defined by God a long time ago … one man, one woman for life’ has drawn a firestorm of criticism from fellow celebrities, homosexual organizations… and Roseanne Barr, who called Cameron ‘an accomplice to murder with his hate speech.’

“‘I was asked to share my views on homosexuality, gay marriage and abortion,’ Cameron says. ‘I spoke as honestly as I could, but some people believe my responses were not loving toward those in the gay community. That is not true. I can assuredly say that it’s my life’s mission to love all people. The only way to properly answer these kind of questions is to begin the discussion with another question: Is life and sexuality sacred or are they not?… If they are, then God has something to say about these things. If not, then everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the matter.

“‘I believe that freedom of speech and freedom of religion go hand-in-hand in America… I should be able to express moral views on social issues – especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years – without being slandered, accused of hate speech and told from those who preach “tolerance” that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square…’

“When Morgan asked Cameron… ‘Do you think homosexuality is a sin?,’ Cameron responded, ‘I think it’s unnatural, that it’s detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.’… In a TMZ interview afterward… Morgan defended Cameron. ‘He was honest to what he believed, and I don’t think he was expecting the kind of fury it created,’ Morgan said. ‘He was pretty brave to say what he said.’”

It is truly telling and sad at the same time that one must be afraid of repercussions and persecution in a “Christian” country for stating the plain and simple truth of the Bible. Note also the next article.

Same-Sex Marriages in Great Britain?

Zenit wrote on March 7:

“The issue of same-sex marriage has been in the headlines in recent days in Britain. Responding to Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposal to legalize same-sex marriage, Edinburgh’s archbishop, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, wrote an article in last Sunday’s edition of the Telegraph newspaper on the topic. ‘Since all the legal rights of marriage are already available to homosexual couples, it is clear that this proposal is not about rights, but rather is an attempt to redefine marriage for the whole of society at the behest of a small minority of activists,’ he said… ‘Can a word whose meaning has been clearly understood in every society throughout history suddenly be changed to mean something else?,’ he asked. The institution of marriage predates any state or government, he explained. ‘It was not created by governments and should not be changed by them’…

“A number of press reports say that this Sunday a pastoral letter will be read out in all churches in England and Wales on the topic of same-sex marriage. It is reportedly authored by the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, and the Archbishop of Southwark, Peter Smith. Redefining marriage to include homosexuals would be a ‘profoundly radical step’ stripping it of its ‘distinctive nature,’ according to copies of the letter published by the press. The definition of marriage is much more than a matter of public opinion, the letter affirms… ‘neither the Church nor the State has the power to change this fundamental understanding of marriage itself.’

“The government has shown no signs of backing down from its commitment to legalizing same-sex marriage… Prime Minister David Cameron’s government will, however, face determined opposition from the Catholic Church… Scotland’s local government is also considering introducing same-sex marriage. In September last year it opened up a process of consultation on same-sex civil partnerships and marriage… Cardinal Keith O’Brien and Bishop Philip Tartaglia wrote to Scotland’s First Minister and the Deputy First Minister seeking clarification on the government’s consultation…

 “As the opinion pages and editorials of the press in Britain fill with contrary views on same-sex marriage, the coming months promise to be a tense time indeed for the future of marriage and the family.”

Pork Is Hazardous to Your Health reported on March 1:

“Levitical guidelines label the pig an ‘unclean’ animal, and prohibit the consumption of pork. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, there may be good reason to carefully consider your decision to include pork as part of your diet, as despite advertising campaigns trying to paint pork as a ‘healthy’ alternative to beef, research suggests it may be hazardous to your health on multiple levels. Pork consumption has a strong epidemiological association with cirrhosis of the liver… Other studies also show an association between pork consumption and liver cancer as well as multiple sclerosis.

“… there is enough scientific evidence to justify the reservations or outright prohibitions in many cultures against consuming it. Pigs are scavenger animals and will eat just about anything, alive, sick or dead. Their appetite for less-than-wholesome foods makes pigs a breeding ground for potentially dangerous infections. Even cooking pork for long periods is not enough to kill many of the retroviruses and other parasites that many of them harbor.”

The Bible had it right from the outset… but man’s foolishness wants to ignore or reject everything that God commands.

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