Current Events

Germany’s Influence

 The looming crisis in America and, to a lesser degree, in Britain is its sleepy-eyed view of the world. While we grow more inward in our political roles, Germany is now on the verge of significantly shaping the next decades of world history. Probably no single event has both heralded as well as fostered the NEWEST POWER PLAYER on the world scene more ominously than that of German reunification.

In essence, as long as Germany was divided, so was Europe. However, several years after the fact, the German people have successfully thrived under the heavy load of reunification. German leadership is now forging the common currency (the Euro) of the European Union with almost seamless ease. Yet, Germany’s influence is vastly more dynamic and globalized.

Note this quote from an article by Robert B. Zoellick, entitled, “An American Looks at Germany’s Foreign Policy” (Dec 98–reprinted by C.S.I.S): “…Germans have recognized that the world will not permit Germany to abstain from the new challenges. Germany is the THIRD LARGEST economy in the world, the SECOND most active exporter, and the BIGGEST country west of Russia in Europe. A new generation of business leaders has positioned German companies AMONG THE MOST COMPETITIVE in the world, with operations that EXTEND AROUND THE GLOBE. Germany’s global trade and investment link the country’s welfare with the security and prosperity of the world markets.” Pay particular attention to the fact that this was written in 1998–four years ago.

As witnessed in Somalia and Bosnia as well as Afghanistan, Germany has begun the initial role of deploying combat troops. Some believe that in modern Germany there could be no new resurgent nationalism again. Yet, even before our eyes, Germany is emerging as the real behind the scenes force in world economic globalization. In order to protect this newly found role, Germany is being pushed into a military presence that is destined to grow very rapidly–and that, at the first, merely to protect its and Europe’s interests.

While on the surface, it appears that Germany is content politically with a kind of “soft nationalism,” prophecy indicates a staggering role has been allotted to this people in the very near future. Watch world events–watch Europe, and, in particular, watch as Germany emerges as the greatest power broker on the earth!

U.S. Policy–Pre-emptive!

 In a move that has startled many allies and put on notice less than friendly nations, U.S. President George Bush outlined a new national security strategy late in the month of September.
Quoting from as published on September 20, 2002:
“The 35-page document, titled ‘The National Security Strategy of the United States of America,’ marks the end to the deterrent military strategy that dominated the Cold War and officially shifts the country to a pre-emptive policy…”

The long held reactive posture of the U.S. is no longer deemed viable in a world of terrorism. The implication is that America is willing to act on its own–without the approval of coalitions or the U.N. or allies.

Other nations worry that this kind of unilateral approach will threaten international order. Some few national leaders have given a measured and conditional endorsement of America’s right to be proactive and assertive in its quest to fight both terrorism and the possible use of weapons of mass destruction.

If America–now the greatest military power on earth–makes serious mistakes in its implementation of this new policy, world opinion may quickly move from cautious acceptance to outright belligerent opposition. We must continue to watch and understand that God will deal with our national sins in order to correct us and turn our hearts to Him. Our national prestige will NOT endure when God removes His protection and blessings. The Bible shows that the greatest power on the earth at the time of Jesus Christ’s return will NOT be those currently holding that position, but it will be the revived Roman Empire wielding great military power and religious dominance!

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