Shine Bright!

Shine Bright!

by Shana Rank (31)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a light in this dark world. The analogy of letting our light shine bright in relation to God’s perfect outpouring character is exciting, and the only type of character I wish to imitate. Since I must strive to be an excellent example to those around me, what kind of light should I be?

Possible scenarios:

Candlelight: This type of light is sufficient in limited situations. Often times candle light is easily extinguished by wind or other outside forces. Candlelight could also be described as timid and shy when compared to the brightness of other light. Do I want to be a weak light?

Fluorescent light: This type of light has endurance; unfortunately, the quality of light is poor in comparison to natural light. Fluorescent bulbs also exhibit symptoms like flickering and buzzing which can be very unpleasant. Do I want to be an inconsistent light?

Flash bulb: This type of light is especially effective at nighttime or for poorly lit areas. The effect a bright flash has on the pupil can be likened to the first impression we have on those with whom we come in contact. Is my light short and intense, or will my light have a lasting impression?

Sunlight: This type of light is the brightest light known to man. So bright that it can cause blindness for those that gaze too long. Sunlight is able to penetrate the darkest places imaginable; this is also how I think about the perfect Spirit of God the Father and Jesus Christ. God is also described in the Bible as being light–with no darkness in Him. Can I be the brightest light possible? With God’s help, yes!

I know I would like to shine bright like the sun. Which type of light would you like to be?

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