How Are We Running Our Race?

by Robb Harris

As a young boy, I used to love to build models. When my allowance would suffice, I would ride my bike several miles to the local drugstore to buy my next project. 

Growing up in Pasadena, California, I was exposed from an early age to traffic and a busy lifestyle. Part of my freedom of going out on these short trips, was the assumption that I would also abide by the directions of my parents. I was given clear instruction how to cross the streets, the routes I should take, and how long I would be away.

In order to get to the drugstore from my house, I had to cross a large boulevard with six lanes of very fast traffic.  Having made this trip many times before, following my parents’ direction, I was one day exposed to a shortcut. A few friends took this same bike ride with me, but they knew a shorter path, one that saved 10 minutes by crossing that boulevard, NOT using the crosswalk.

In my young mind, taking shortcuts to reach my goal seemed logical. I had no fear of the real dangers around me; only the desire to get what I wanted. Although the story turned out well, in hindsight it impressed on me the need to be careful not to take the same attitude in this spiritual race I am running. The precautions God has given to me to be followed, although they may seem unreasonable at times, will eventually lead me safely to my goal.

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