Life’s Shadows

by Manuela Mitchell (23)

While I was growing up, I faced many different trials and problems in my life.  Some of these problems, I was able to overcome and take my stand very quickly, while others took more work, meditation and prayer.  Even though many trials were only temporary and built strong character in me, others remained like a shadow, changing the silhouette of an outline every time it moved. I learned that there are many trials in life, they come and go, but some are truly never gone. Problems tend to keep their shadow and unless the problem is completely eradicated, the shadow will make its dark and lifeless form visible again.

Sometimes it’s very difficult for me to recognize and overcome a problem. No matter how minor it seems, it does take effect in my life and will soon become apparent to the people who know me best.  It is very simple to disregard the fact that I may be having a problem, or because of pride, choose to not take advice or talk to those close to me.

 I used to believe that things would get better with time. That is not always true, especially with problems. I learned that I should deal with a problem while still fresh. If left for too long, a shadow will soon disfigure and block the object that was once so clear. Life doesn’t get easier, it gets harder with each new day, and old problems, if not worked on, will only be made more difficult by the new ones.

Through God, I am blessed with a new opportunity every day to take advantage of my life. I am thankful that I have the understanding to recognize problems in my life and will continue to pray for the reconciliation of the shadows around me.

©2023 Church of the Eternal God