by Michael Link

For the past couple of months I had to learn a great deal of patience.  I have been constantly faced with situations where I had to make the right decisions, but ultimately would come to the conclusion that I need to put things into God’s hands. 

Lately, we have heard prayer requests for those in the Church who have been struggling in their quest for a job or a better job.  I am also one who would fit that category.  For example, assuming that the current job I have would bring forth fruit by now, including a few freelance jobs on the side, I had and still do have many questions in my mind as to what the purpose of all of this may be. I was hoping for greater things to happen by now.   I had a plan when certain things would be accomplished.  However, were my plans in conjunction with God’s plan for me?  Do I have enough patience as God has for me? 

I started thinking about that a lot more and came to the realization that God does have a plan for me, and He knows exactly when things are to come to pass for my sake.  I also know that I have a part to do as well.  I have kept my options open in terms of finding another job, and I have all the confidence that God will lead me in the right direction.  Most importantly, I have to have continuous faith and confidence that God’s plan for me will come to pass, and if I continue to have patience, it will come.

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