My Long Distance Connection

by Louise Amorelli

We have the luxury of living in today’s society, where getting in touch with loved ones is only a phone call away.   I appreciate this even more, after moving away from family and friends to another state. Establishing a long distance phone connection was one of the most important first steps in bridging that distance between us.  Keeping the lines of communication open for continuing the family bonding, as well as for emergencies, was of utmost importance. 

With the most recent California fires, bridging that gap of distance was of extreme importance with church members who lived in those pivotal areas.  My husband and I live quite a distance from church brethren and it was difficult to know exactly what to do in these emergency situations, especially with many miles between us.  We felt totally helpless when we first heard the news.  So many emotions were going on inside…fear, helplessness and discouragement. What if we could not get through…what if their phone or internet connections were not working??  Where would they go if they had to evacuate and we could not get through to them??

Needless to say, we utilized our long distance connection to the fullest during those recent California fires.  Thankfully we were able to get in touch with the brethren on a continued basis through our phone lines. But through it all, I realized that there was only ONE long distance connection that is MOST important….that is prayer!!  I knew that the most important thing I could have done was pray!   Praying would bridge that gap of mileage between us, with no interruptions! God certainly did intervene and my husband and I are ever grateful to the Eternal who heard our fervent prayers. It gave me a sense of peace, knowing that God’s method of long distance communication will never fail. 

I know that  no matter where or how far apart our families, friends or church brethren may be, the distance may be long, but the connection will ALWAYS be there…thanks to our Heavenly Father!! 

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