Assume Love

by Kalon Mitchell (23)

I was recently listening to a podcast. The lady on the show was talking about assuming love. Now maybe this sounds very fishy to some of us, but the lady had a point.

She explained that many times when we are upset, we as human beings tend to just fly off the handle. We may also blow situations way out of proportion because we have a desire to want to be justified. But this is not right. Instead, she went on to say, many times we don’t have all the information or may not know or understand what is truly going on in another human being’s mind.

That being said, what if we could take any situation we are in and learn to put ourselves in that person’s shoes? If we tried to empathize a little more, and attempt to understand where someone is coming from, a lot of fights would not happen or continue.

For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to put this into action. At first it was hard and I would get mad at many of the things that go on in daily life! But the fact is that when I do assume love, I am more calm and can think more clearly about the situation at hand, instead of flying off the handle. This is the exact opposite of what Satan wants. He wants me to get upset with others and go for the throat.

When I feel myself getting upset, I need to take a deep breath. Rather than dwelling on something bad, I need to reflect on what is good. Rather than reacting with anger, I need to concentrate on “assuming” love. This helps to work out whatever it is that bothers me.

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