There's Always Tomorrow

by Aaron Hooper

It’s easy to be alive. To just be. But my time here is short, and there’s no way for me to know just how much time I have. The greatest deception, that I personally have fallen under, is to think that there’s always tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow to take care of the important things. There’s always tomorrow to give an encouraging word to someone who needs it. There’s always tomorrow to start becoming the person that I need to be–that kind of person who obeys and follows God in everything. But when tomorrow comes, that means that today is gone. And today is the only real tangible thing that I have.

We’ve all heard “live today as if it’s your last,” and that is great advice, but every day that comes after today only furthers the deception. So it’s easy to simply think of that as just a nice statement. Every day that comes seems to prove that wrong. Procrastination. Neglect. These are my two biggest shortcomings. Before I know it, important things — bills, family, friends, future plans — can easily get away from me, if I’m not disciplined on a daily basis. I only deceive myself by thinking that tomorrow is any different than today. Tomorrow will come, but today will be lost.

Part of investing in my future is investing in today. The most important things are the little things that I can do in the moment. They add up. If they’re not done, then the moment is gone, and — well — that can really add up too. And not in a pleasant way. In an alarming, turn-your-stomach, self-destructing kind of way. I need to love every moment, please God and my fellow man every moment. I need to use what is given me. All I have is time, but it is in very short supply.

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