This Job?

By Shelly Bruno (34)

As I sit thinking about the new job I will begin on Monday, I can’t help but remember the same feelings I had experienced a number of years ago before starting another job-the nervousness, insecurity and wondering if I’d made the right choice. I do remember praying about finding a new job then, and specifically requesting that it would be a good situation-in a spiritual sense. That opportunity came, when I saw a job advertised. I applied, went through the nerve-wracking interview experience and got it! I was elated-that is, until I started work a few weeks later. That first week I was very sure that I had made a big mistake. Why did I leave a job I was comfortable with for this one that surely wasn’t right? Why did God give me THIS job?

As I stuck it out I realized that God had answered what I had prayed for-my supervisor was Jewish, so he not only understood what “Holy Days” I was speaking of-he was also absent from work the same days. What I didn’t realize, at the time, were all the blessings that were to come. Looking back now I can see how I was given much more than I asked for. That job provided a chance for me to grow in my professional skills and work with very talented people. I developed friendships that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I was supported, encouraged, and blessed financially as well. I still thank God for that opportunity He gave me.

So what about this new job I start on Monday? The questions are swirling again in my mind. Will it be the “right” job? Did I make a big mistake? What happens if I fail? I really don’t know the answer to these questions today, but there is one thing I do know for sure-that one way or another God will work out this job too!

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