Viewable PDF Printable PDF To Request a FREE hard copy of this booklet, please write to: Introduction MONEY—a sensitive subject for many people. Those who have money, don’t want to part with it. Those who don’t have it, long for it. Yet from the time of man’s creation on this earth, God has given instructions on tithing—paying ten percent of our income to God who gave it in the first place. But what about today? Is tithing important? Does it make a difference to God whether we tithe or not? If so, where do we send our tithes? In this booklet we will explore the Biblical teaching on tithing in order to fully understand what relevance it has for us today. What Is Tithing? Tithing—the practice of giving or paying ten percent to God—is an ancient concept that is well-known to both pagans and worshippers of the true God. The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1959, Vol. 22, points out, on page 252: “Tithes, a form of tribute consisting of a tenth of a man’s property or produce, connected politically with taxation, and religiously with the offering of first fruits to deity. This custom was almost universal in the ancient world, and can […]

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